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Cat Poem

If you drop a cat from height
It will always land upright.
They are for sure effete
But they land on their feet.

Surely this is a metaphor for the species,
Felix domestica does just what it pleases.
They are the premier beast
In my house at least.

Other animals lead lives of trial
Pussy Cat would run a mile.
Let's compare the being of this chap
With animals whose existence is crap:

When Ptarmigan lives in cold glen
Cat sits in front of the fire, then
Poor Rabbit must eat its own poo,
Cat once put a worm in my shoe.

In waters dank and drab live Bream,
Cat has two helpings of cream.
On our plate is the fate 'Des boeuf et mouton'
Cat sleeps upon his futon.

Porcupine, Spiny Anteater and Hedgehog have itchy prickles,
Cat lies on his back for tickles.
For Dog disobedience is a sin,
Cat tortures Small Bird and Mouse for a grin.